Sensor devices

Sensor devices

IK4-TEKNIKER creates autonomous solutions, systems and products with functions and applications based on very diverse technological principles (micro-mechanics, metrology, photonics, chemistry, electronics, mathematics, acoustics, etc.) and offers services to critical sectors with stringent requirements such as industry, energy and the electro-medical sector.

From this perspective, it addresses a series of solutions and products that exist and contribute to various everyday activities, ranging from health care systems for medical self-diagnosis, through to pneumatic pressure sensors, oil quality sensors in wind generators and cycling helmets with impact detection. There are examples in practically all fields of industrial and consumer applications.

These solutions interact with their environment (sensing and/or actuating) using physical-chemical interfaces. They function autonomously, offering a robust and reliable operation, they are miniaturized, compact and integrated solutions, normally low-cost, and are equipped with a system of communication that allows the exchange of standardized information with other systems or devices.

Summarising, this type of solution is the result of a systematic miniaturization and integration of diverse technologies, functions and materials.  Thus, the majority of these devices integrate technologies such as micro-mechanics, magnetics, micro-fluids, phonics, electro-chemistry, biochemical principles, acoustics, algorithms and electronics and communications for creating solutions to solve specific problems requested by the market.

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