Context- and Template-Based Data Compression Approach to Improve Resource-Constrained IoT Systems Interoperability

Author: Jorge Berzosa Macho
Thesis director Roberto Cortiñas, UPV/EHU y Luis Gardeazabal, UPV/EHU

In this thesis, we present a novel data compression approach for text-based data formats, namely Context- and Template-based Compression (CTC), which is specially designed taking into account the limitations of resource-constrained devices and networks.

Sistemas Heterogéneos Integrados, Innovadores y Confiables: Metodología de Desarrollo

Author: Patricia López Alonso
Thesis director Leire Etxeberria, Mondragon Unibertsitatea y Xabier Elkorobarrutia, Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Como resultado principal de esta tesis, se presenta una metodología para asistir el desarrollo de sistemas innovadores, heterogéneos y confiables. La metodología propuesta combina y adapta: modelos para el desarrollo de nuevo producto; aproximaciones para el desarrollo de sistemas confiables; enfoques para el desarrollo de sistemas complejos; y técnicas de control estadístico de procesos e indicadores clave de rendimiento.

Calibration Method and Uncertainty Propagation Methodology for a Portable Parallel Kinematic Machine Tool

Author: Aitor Olarra Urberuaga
Thesis director Dragos Axinte, University of Nottingham

This research focuses on the design of calibration solutions for complex kinematical devices supported by uncertainty propagation methodologies. The methodology has been applied to a portable hexapod machine tool.

Biosensing for disease monitoring: metallic nanohole array plasmonic sensors based on scalable nanofabrication techniques

Author: Deitze Otaduy Del Paso
Thesis director Dr. Santos Merino, IK4-TEKNIKER y Prof. Fernando Moreno, Universidad de Cantabria

In this thesis work a scalable biosensor based on plasmonic technology has been investigated and developed.

Semantic Technologies for supporting KDD Processes

Author: Iker Esnaola Gonzalez
Thesis director Jesús Bermúdez, UPV/EHU e Izaskun Fernández, IK4-TEKNIKER

This research work aims at supporting data analysts through the different KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) phases towards the achievement of energy efficiency and thermal comfort in tertiary buildings.

Acquisition and processing of new data sources for improved condition monitoring of mechanical systems

Author: Iñaki Bravo Imaz
Thesis director Alfredo García, UPV/EHU y Aitor Arnaiz, IK4-TEKNIKER

This research is focussed on the development of new ways to perform on-line condition monitoring in mechanical systems.

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