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Working in Tekniker



Promoting PhD programmes aligned with areas of research is a key factor in the technological strategy at Tekniker.

The PhD programmes are undertaken within the framework of a research project for the generation of knowledge and that facilitates the technological wherewithal and the appropriate environment for the PhD student to obtain their degree within a timeframe of 3-4 years. Special attention is given to fluid relations and communication between the PhD student and the university direction of the thesis, and between the student and their tutor or PhD co-director at Tekniker, in order to forge strong and stable links enabling the optimum attainment of the process.

Internships and Final Projects for graduate degree and master´s degree

Tekniker has established framework agreements with a number of universities in order to support the educational development and knowledge acquisition of the students. The internships enable the real acquisition of knowledge and experiences, the application of the theoretical concepts and the putting into practice of conduct in interpersonal relations within the professional environment.

Each year an ample number of students with highly diverse specialisms (industrial engineering, mechanics, automation and control, electronics, telecommunications, chemistry, the physical sciences, information science, business administration and company management, etc.) carry out their graduate degree or master’s degree work.

The students are incorporated into and participate in the task groups, they experiment within a workplace environment, study more deeply and practice their specialism, and undertake their final project work having access to equipment of the highest level. This contributes to their incorporation into the labour market, as well as to the identification of new niches for research work.


Internships for the researchers are greatly beneficial as an instrument for sharing knowledge and fomenting mutual learning.

Within the framework of the process of knowledge generation, the interchange of Tekniker professionals with those of companies and universities of reference are promoted. This involves internships that enable the visiting professional and our researchers to share and learn with other research teams. Moreover, it contributes to open up and forge future ways of joint working.