Legal notice

The website and its entire contents belong to the Fundación Tekniker, Tax ID no.: ESG-20545729, included in the Registry of Foundations of the Basque Country under number F13 and with address at C/ Iñaki Goenaga Nº 5, 20600 Eibar (Gipuzkoa). Any notification or consultation relating to it or its contents can also be forwarded via email to the address

The Tekniker brand is the property of the Fundación Tekniker, which uses it as the company’s emblem. All the references made to TEKNIKER in this website must be understood as being made to the Fundación Tekniker.

The information contained in this website is solely of an informative nature. Tekniker guarantees neither the accuracy nor the updating of the data and information contained therein. The use of this information is the sole responsibility of the person who makes use of it. Therefore, Tekniker does not hold itself responsible nor will it accept any liability claims, of whatever type they may be, resulting from accessing or using the said information.

The website has links to the websites of third parties, the only purpose being to facilitate an increase in consultation possibilities or to enable visitors to obtain relevant information. Tekniker receives no income whatsoever as a result of facilitating these links. As they belong to third parties, responsibility for information contained in each one of them lies with their respective owners. Consult the conditions of use, legal notices and liabilities relating to the use of the information contained in them once they have been accessed.

Intellectual property

The entire contents of the website are the property of Tekniker. Without express, prior authorisation, the copying, reproducing or any means of making them available that go beyond a mere simple consultation of any of the contents and information in this website, whether they are written, graphic, or photographic and in audio, video or multimedia format is not permitted.

Privacy Policy

Information of a personal nature which is made available to us over this web page will be handled in accordance with Spanish legislation on the protection of personal data.

On Tekniker’s web page two main types of forms are used by means of which data of a personal nature may end up being gathered:

  • The “Consultation Form”, the purpose of which is to enable visitors to our website to forward consultations of any type to us. The details requested in forms of this type will be used exclusively to be able to respond to these consultations and they will not be kept in any organised data processing file. Only if a new relationship is established as a result of that response of a professional nature could you be subsequently included in a database using the information that you freely made available to us at that time. This file will not gather the personal details protected by the LOPD (Data Protection Act).
  • The “Enrolment Form” for events such as seminars, courses or other training or technological dissemination activities. In forms of this type the data gathered will be incorporated into a database the only purpose of which will be:
    • To manage your enrolment at the event,
    • To keep you informed about it,
    • To manage the charging of the enrolment fee, and
    • To provide you with future information about new related events which may be of interest to you

Pictorial or video material may be obtained during the running of the various types of events, and it may be used by Tekniker for advertising or information purposes relating to the holding of the event. Enrolling for the event means that such use is accepted.

No information gathered from either of the two types of forms will be made available to third parties, except in the cases in which the cost of the event has been co-funded by a public institution that expressly requests information about the attendees, who would be informed about this in each case.

In addition to the two previous types of forms, personal data may be requested in the “Working at Tekniker” section with the exclusive purpose of filling potential job vacancies and training or research placements that may arise at Tekniker. In no case will the information collected be provided to third parties unrelated to that purpose, unless it concerns a job offer in collaboration with a partnering company, in which case this will be indicated in the offer itself. You will find more information when you access the corresponding page.

To exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel or challenge the processing of your data, you may contact the Fundación Tekniker by post c/o C/ Iñaki Goenaga Nº 5, 20600 Eibar (Gipuzkoa), or via email at To do this, you will need to send a letter signed and dated and clearly setting out your request and your contact address for notification purposes; you will also need to enclose a valid copy of the official document accrediting your identity or representation.

Conditions for enrolling for events

Only the enrolments made over our web page or via email at the address specified in the information on each event will be accepted. Tekniker will endeavour to confirm acceptance of the enrolment by electronic means whenever requested to do so.

Unless stated otherwise in the information relating to each event, the conditions governing enrolment at events through electronic means will be as follows:

  • The enrolment can only be regarded as completed once Tekniker has been able to confirm that payment has been made.
  • Method of payment: By means of bank transfer to the account indicated in the specific information about each event.
  • Cancellation conditions: Unless Tekniker has incurred third-party expenses as a result of an enrolment, the cancelation of the booking may be accepted without any penalties as long as Tekniker has received the request 48 hours before the day the event is due to take place or the start of it.