Automation and industrial robotics

Automation and industrial robotics

Automation and robotic solutions incorporate technologies that allow improvements in the efficiency of the processes by optimizing the operation, reducing times and costs and increasing reliability.

The solutions offered by IK4-TEKNIKER differ due to:

  • Having very exacting requirements regarding: speed, precision, flexibility, reconfigurability and safety
  • They incorporate intelligence and autonomy based on the information provided by sight sensors, strength/torque, lasers, etc.

The activities that IK4-TEKNIKER offer in their automation solutions vary according to the capacities and needs of the client company and can include all or any of the following:

  • Conceptual process and/or machine design In  collaboration with our client, we propose one or several approaches to mechatronic or process control solutions.
  • Risk analysis and safety system design
  • Design and implementation of control strategies integrated into machine control hardware (CNC, PLC, controllers) and/or robots
  • HMI implementation, using criteria of usability
  • Assembly, setting-up and commissioning of the solution in the location designated by the client

The automation solution is developed in collaboration with the client, including them in the design and development process, in order to transfer knowledge so it can be included in their product or process lines.

When the application so requires, robots can offer more flexible and reconfigurable solutions. The technological developments that IK4-TEKNIKER incorporate into these robotic solutions are related to:

  • Tools that facilitate the programming process by teaching
  • Autonomous planning of movements, using dynamically generated trajectories based on different types of sensors (force, laser vision, etc.), avoiding collisions, etc.
  • Safe collaboration between personnel and robots, by integrating elements that guarantee safety (based on risk analysis) and control strategies that allow collaboration.

A new field of automation and robotics applications where IK4-TEKNIKER offers solutions is in the development of service robots, aimed at completing tasks such as maintenance, cleaning, surveillance and security, guiding, transport, etc.

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