Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance

Maintenance includes all those actions that are aimed at preserving or restoring the condition of an asset so it can comply with its desired function and lengthen the life of the same.  Many maintenance tasks are still performed with a certain amount of misunderstanding of the root cause of the problem and without any direction focused on maximizing results.

Nowadays, more than ever, these actions require a holistic approach among the asset, its function in the environment and its integration with the technologies of data capture, handling and analysis. This is the way IK4-TEKNIKER works on its Smart Asset Management strategy.

IK4-TEKNIKER works on the detection, diagnostic and prognostic of malfunctions in, typically, lubricated mechatronic systems. With this objective, combines technologies and experience to maximize maintenance returns, increasing the availability of assets, extending their life and reducing operation costs.

The methodology applied in reaching these objectives is supported by the following:

  • Expert analysis, based on thirty years working in the field of Condition Monitoring via the analysis of oil, thus guaranteeing the experience of IK4-TEKNIKER in this area.
  • Detection of anomalies: Combining expert knowledge with data analysis to identify fault symptoms and potential problems in lubricated components and assets.
  • Diagnosis: Integrating the analysis and diagnosis of the lubricant with operational data for a better diagnosis of the problem and its root causes. 
  • Prognosis: Building predictive models for the anticipation of potential faults using the analysis, processing and combination of multiple condition and operational data. 
  • Transformation: Adapting and improving maintenance and operational practices and strategies based on the criteria and results obtained form previous phases.

IK4-TEKNIKER is internationally recognized in many fields related to maintenance tasks, such as the analysis of oils and industrial fluids, product reliability, monitoring and capture of information and decision-making and management support, among others. These skills are complemented by knowledge of metal mechanical, physical and chemical surface diagnosis, tribology, behaviour modelling of mechatronic, electronic and communications products.

The IK4-TEKNIKER technological offering in this field is aimed at:

  • User companies, asset managers where maintenance is a critical factor.
  • Companies supplying maintenance solutions that want to improve their technological capacities.
  • Companies that develop mechatronic products interested in incorporating and adding value to their products using condition monitoring and self-diagnosis technologies.

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