Multifunctional surfaces

Multifunctional surfaces

Surfaces are the first interaction point of a material with its environment  Thus, using surface modification techniques, the properties of materials can be improved and given different functions. IK4-TEKNIKER has different technologies for surface modification/treatment that allow different functions to be achieved.

Solutions can be developed to cover a wide range of functions on different materials (metals, polymers, ceramics) among which the following are noteworthy:

Tribological and protection against wear functions, for applications with mechanical components, cutting tools, elastomer implants and seals using ZrCN, DLC, zirconium and alumina coatings among others, or with texturing techniques in the case of elastomer seals.

Anti-corrosion, for applications in moulds, mechanical components and implants using electro-oxidation by plasma or HiPIMS coating.

Superhydrophobic, superoleophobic, and anti-dirt for diverse applications (sports equipment, anti-ice, moulds, electrical machines, etc.) using surface texturing techniques and Sol-Gel coatings, both separately and in combination, depending on the requirements of the application.

Anti-bacterial, depositing coatings with embedded silver particles.

Aesthetics, with metallic finishes for polymers and interferential and iridescent colours, using PVD coatings

Optical, applying selective solar and anti-reflective coatings for the solar energy sector in thermoelectric energy absorbing tubes and concentrating mirrors.

The surface technologies available address the physical and chemical modification of the surface and the use of coatings.

These technologies can be used individually or in combinations in order to achieve properties that one technique alone cannot provide. 


Physical Modification

Chemical Modification



Micro/nano surface structures

Changes in surface chemistry

Depositing of surface layers


  • NIL
  • Laser
  • Photo-lithography
  • PEO
  • Laser


  • PVD
  • Sol-Gel
  • Laser




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