Measuring and inspection

Measuring and inspection

IK4-TEKNIKER offers measuring and inspection solutions that have applications in precision engineering, the integration of all types of commercial devices and in measuring procedures. All of these are adapted to the requirements of each application.

From this focus there are three main areas of action:

  1. Development of solutions integrated into process: Solutions aimed at improving production processes being supported by measuring technologies, allowing to reduce those of finished products thanks to the feedback of corrections in intermediate stages of the process.
  2. Development of measuring equipment: Development of customized equipment to satisfy the needs for dimensional control of industrial and scientific environments, complementing the offer of commercially available equipment.
  3. Calibration and characterization of means of production and components:
    • Calibration and certification of means of production:
      • Machine Tools (MT): Verification of the geometrics: positioning verification and compensation according to the ISO 230/VDI 3441 standard: volumetric compensation and verification.
      • Coordinate measuring machines (CMM): ENAC verification and certification according to the ISO 10360 standard: volumetric verification and compensation.
      • Precision mechanical systems: Verification and analysis of geometric errors: geometric verification and compensation.
    •  Geometric characterization of templates, parts and components: 
      • Ultra-precision dimensional measuring: Shape, roughness and dimensional verification
      • On-site dimensional measuring: Digitization, CAD comparison and inverse engineering; verification and assessment of large components; spatial alignment of large modules and components.
      • Measuring of micro and nano components.
    • Complete management of the calibration of templates and measuring systems:
      • Calibration of measuring equipment: ENAC calibration and certification of industrial measuring equipment.
      • Calibration of dimensional templates:  ENAC calibration and certification of dimensional templates .
      • Complete management of the calibration plan: Tekalnet Software.
    • Training and advice on dimensional metrology  
      • Calibration
      • Dimensional measuring
      • Applicable regulations
      • Training  in software and portable measuring equipment

Industrial sectors

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