Scientific publications

Ferreiro, S., Jimenez, A., Madariaga, J., Novillo, E., Fernandez, S., Alia, A., and Morante, E.

Health Monitoring for Electro-mechanical Nose Landing Gear Door Actuator of a UAV, Based on Simulation Modelling and Data-driven Techniques

Nowadays, the aerospace industry has to maintain and improve its global competitiveness and meet the demand of the new requirements which are constantly emerging. 

Magazine/Book Chemical Engineering Transactions, vol.33, DOI: 10.3303/CET1333110 (2013) Online at
Date 2013
Pages 655-660

Bediaga, I., Mendizabal, X., Arnaiz, A., & Muñoa, J.

Ball bearing damage detection using traditional signal processing algorithms

Fault detection and diagnosis of ball bearings has always been a challenge when monitoring rotating machinery. 

Magazine/Book Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, IEEE, 16(2), 20-25. (2013)
Date 2013
Pages 20-25

I. Bravo-Imaz, A. García-Arribas, E. Gorritxategi, A. Arnaiz, and J.M. Barandiaran

Magnetoelastic viscosity sensor for on-line status assessment of lubricant oils

The actual trend in the field of maintenance in mechanical and electrical machinery, points towards the implementation of the so-called proactive maintenance. 

Magazine/Book IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Vol.49. 113-116, (2013)
Date 2013
Pages 113-116

Ibarguren, A., Molina, J., Susperregi, L., Maurtua, I.

“Thermal Tracking in Mobile Robots for Leak Inspection Activities”

Maintenance tasks are crucial for all kind of industries, especially in extensive industrial plants, like solar thermal power plants. 

Magazine/Book "Sensors 2013", 13
Date 2013
Pages 13560-13574

Madariaga J.; Ruiz, I.; Tsao, T.-C.

Passive Control of Regenerative Chatter in Turning Through Modulating Tool-Holder

Machine tool chatter is one of the main problems arising in machining processes. The so-called regenerative effect is believed to be responsible of the cutting force variation due to the wavy surfaces generated in previous revolutions. 

Magazine/Book Proceedings of the ASPE 2013 Spring Topical Meeting; MIT.
Date 2013

J. Madariaga, T.-C. Tsao, I. Ruiz, and Asme

Formulation for Interaction Analysis Between Continuous and Discrete Structures Subject to Moving Loads Applied to Turning

A control oriented formulation of continuous structures interacting with moving and/or fixed structures is presented. Machining of long parts in a lathe is presented in order to illustrate the methodology. 

Magazine/Book Proceedings of the Asme 2013 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (DSCC2013), Vol. 1, 2013 2013.
Date 2013