Scientific publications

Ferreiro, S., Sierra, B., Irigoien, I., and Gorritxategi, E.

A Bayesian network for burr detection in the drilling process

One of the most important processes in the aeronautical sector is drilling. The main problem associated with drilling is burr. 

Magazine/Book Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, online-first. October 2012, Volume 23, Issue 5.
Date 2012-10
Pages 1463-1475

V. Garcia Navas, O. Gonzalo, and I. Bengoetxea

"Effect of cutting parameters in the surface residual stresses generated by turning in AISI 4340 steel"

Machining processes induce a residual stress state in the machined part that, depending on its magnitude and sign, can be very detrimental to the service life of the machined components. 

Magazine/Book International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture
Date 2012-10
Pages vol. 61, pp. 48-57, Oct 2012.

M. Conte and A. Igartua

Study of PTFE composites tribological behavior

A comparative analysis of seven PTFE composites is presented showing how properties of PTFE can be improved even if the most attractive characteristic of low friction is lost due to the presence of hard particles in the polymer matrix. 

Magazine/Book Wear
Date 2012-08-30
Pages Vol. 296, pp. 568-574, Aug 30 2012

Eva Rodríguez Vidal, Iban Quintana, J.Etxarri, Deitze Otaduy, Francisco González and Fernando Moreno

“Laser transmission welding of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) using a tailored high power diode-laser optical fiber coupled system”

Laser transmission welding (LTW) of polymers is a direct bonding technique which is already used in different industrial applications sectors such as automobile, microfluidic, electronic and biomedicine. 

Magazine/Book Proc. SPIE 8433, Laser Sources and Applications, 84330U (9 May 2012)
Date 2012-05-09
Pages doi: 10.1117/12.922570

Ferreiro, S., and Sierra, B.

Comparison of machine learning algorithms for optimization and improvement of process quality in conventional metallic materials

This paper presents a particular problem dealing with the apparition of burr during the drilling process in the aeronautic industry. 

Magazine/Book International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. April 2012, Volume 60, Issue 1-4
Date 2012-04
Pages 237-249

A. Igartua, E. Berriozabal, and M. Conte

Lubricants and coatings selection to work under vacuum conditions

In this work, a novel lubricant and a novel coating for vacuum environment have been tested in order to understand their behavior in function of the working conditions. 

Magazine/Book Proceedings 15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics
Date 2012
Pages PAPER REF: 2928