Scientific publications

A. Pruna, J. Ramiro, L. Belforte

Preliminary study on different technological tools and polymeric materials towards superhydrophobic surfaces for automotive applications.

Nature-inspired fabrication of micro-structured superhydrophobic plastic film was aimed in this work in order to achieve smart materials with self-cleaning properties. 

Magazine/Book Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 74, 1640-1645 (2013)
Date 2013

J. Martinez-Perdiguero, A. Retolaza, D. Otaduy, A. Juarros, S. Merino.

Real-Time Label-Free Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensing with Gold Nanohole Arrays Fabricated by Nanoimprint Lithography.

In this work we present a surface plasmon resonance sensor based on enhanced optical transmission through sub-wavelength nanohole arrays. 

Magazine/Book Sensors, 13, 13960-13968 (2013)
Date 2013
Pages doi:10.3390/s131013960

I. Tabernero, A. Lamikiz, C. Soriano, J. Figueras, B. Arregui, F. Zubiri

Fabricación de piezas para el sector aeronáutico mediante procesos de aporte por láser

Durante los últimos años el sector aeronáutico se ha convertido en uno de los principales clientes del sector de la Máquina-Herramienta, el cual es clave en la economía de la CAV. 

Magazine/Book CIC Network 13 (2013)
Date 2013
Pages 42-47

J. Lambarri, J. Leunda, V. García Navas, C. Soriano, C. Sanz

Microstructural and tensile characterization of Inconel 718 laser coatings for aeronautical components

The suitability of the laser cladding technique for manufacturing and repairing aeronautic components of Inconel 718 was evaluated. 

Magazine/Book Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 51 (7) (2013)
Date 2013
Pages 813-821

J. Lambarri, J. Leunda, C. Soriano, C. Sanz

Laser surface smoothing of nickel-based superalloys

The effect of continuous wave (CW) Nd:YAG laser remelting on the surface topography of two different nickel based superalloys is studied in this work. 

Magazine/Book Physics Procedia 41 (2013)
Date 2013
Pages 255-265

V. Garcia Navas, I. Arriola, O. Gonzalo, and J. Leunda

Mechanisms involved in the improvement of Inconel 718 machinability by laser assisted machining (LAM)

The aim of the present research work has been to gain a broader understanding of how or why laser assisted machining (LAM) improves machinability of Inconel 718, a hard-to-machine material of interest in the aeronautic industry. 

Magazine/Book International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture, vol. 74. 2013
Date 2013
Pages pp. 19-28