Development of a high torque density and efficiency axial flux switched reluctance motor for electric vehicle

Author: Ismael Ruiz de Argandoña Arzallus
Thesis director Javier Poza, Mondragon Unibertsitatea

This research is focussed on the development of a high torque density and efficiency motor, suitable for cost-effective mass production.

Tribocorrosion of high-strength low-alloy steels and coatings used in offshore applications

Author: Ainara López Ortega
Thesis director Raquel Bayón, IK4-TEKNIKER y José Luís Arana, ETSI Bilbao

The present thesis deals with the assessment of tribocorrosion of HSLA steels used in chains of offshore mooring lines, which have been reported to be profoundly affected by both wear and corrosion during their service life. Additionally, the second part of the thesis is focused on the evaluation of protective coatings employed for the protection of steel components and structures from corrosion.

Double Smart Energy Harvesting System for self-powered Industrial IoT

Author: Borja Pozo Larrocha
Thesis director Dr. José Ignacio Garate, EHU/UPV y Dr. Susana Ferreiro, IK4-TEKNIKER

The present thesis work combines two alternatives of energy input and management on a single architecture. A mini-reactor and an indoor photovoltaic cell as energy harvesters and a double power manager with AC/DC and DC/DC converters controlled by a low power single controller.

Prediction of Moulds Wear in High Pressure Die Casting and Plastic Injection Moulding

Author: Borja Zabala Igartua
Thesis director Franck Girot, UPV-EHU y Amaya Igartua, IK4-TEKNIKER

This doctoral thesis deals with wear mechanisms, setting protocols to simulate them at laboratory scale and studying the influence of different process parameters, in order to predict the wear of moulds.

Ultrashort-pulsed laser ablation of poly-L-lactide (PLLA) for cell and tisuee engineering applications

Author: Rocío Ortiz Márquez
Thesis director Iban Quintana, IK4-TEKNIKER y Jose Ramón Sarasua, UPV/EHU

Desarrollo de plataformas biosensoras electroquímicas para la detección de marcadores inflamatorios y de cáncer de mama

Author: Unai Eletxigerra Hernández
Thesis director Susana Campuzano, Reynaldo Villalonga, Universidad Complutense de Madrid y Jesús Martínez Perdiguero, UPV/EHU

En esta Tesis Doctoral se ha abordado el desarrollo de varias plataformas biosensoras electroanalíticas aplicables a la determinación de biomarcadores de inflamación y asociados a cáncer de mama.

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