A new concept of bio-multifunctional nanotubular surfaces for dental implants: tribocorrosion resistant, antibacterial and osteogenic

Author: Sofia Afonso Alves
Thesis director Luís Augusto Rocha, Universidad del Minho

This thesis aims the synthesis of multifunctional TiO2 nanotubes (NTs) in Ti surfaces, tailored to exhibit simultaneously tribo-electrochemical resistance, antibacterial activity, and adequate osseointegration ability.

Development of protective coatings to improve the Ti6Al4V alloy behavior in orthopedic applications

Author: Virginia Sáenz de Viteri Gimeno
Thesis director Gotzone Barandika, UNP/EHU y Amaya Igartua, IK4-TEKNIKER

In this study has proceeded to develop two types of coatings that can increase the lifespan of an implant due to an improvement in its limitations.

Effect of mounting misalignments on the tribological behaviour of elastomeric seals: Analytical predictive models and experimental validation

Author: Bihotz Pinedo Araukua
Thesis director Josu Aguirrebeitia, UPV/EHU y Marcello Conte, Anton Paar

The main objective of this thesis is to investigate the effects of mounting eccentricities or shaft to bore misalignments on the tribological behaviour of elastomeric seals in an attempt to contribute to the lack of studies related to the life expectancy of seals.

Towards the standardization of nanoecotoxicity testing: Selection of environmentally relevant methods

Author: Cristina Cerrillo Redondo
Thesis director Gotzone Barandika, UPV/EHU y Amaya Igartua, IK4-TEKNIKER

En esta Tesis se definen protocolos de evaluación sobre la entrada y transferencia de diferentes nanomateriales en los ecosistemas acuáticos.

Materiales con cambio de fase (PCMs) soportados en matrices inorgánicas: preparación, estudio y aplicación

Author: Amaia Martínez Goitandia
Thesis director Garikoitz Beobide, UPV/EHU y Ana Aranzabe, IK4-TEKNIKER

Uno de los objetivos principales de esta Tesis se centra en el confinamiento de PCMs en soportes inorgánicos para evitar pérdidas del material una vez haya sido introducido en la matriz requerida, mejorando la eficiencia térmica y a su vez, la consistencia del elemento de construcción.

Chemometric methods applied to the optimization of calibration of VIS-NIR sensor systems for real time fluids monitoring

Author: Alberto Villar Verguizas
Thesis director Luis Ángel Fernández, UPV/EHU y Aitor Arnaiz, IK4-TEKNIKER

El objetivo principal de la tesis ha sido el desarrollo de un protocolo para la optimización del proceso de calibración de los sistemas sensores Visible-Near-Infrared (Vis-NIR) desarrollados por IK4-TEKNIKER para la monitorización en tiempo real de diferentes tipos de fluidos.

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