Validation of optical measurement technologies

Validation of optical measurement technologies

IK4-TEKNIKER is carrying out research based on the micro and nanostructuring of components focused on applications in diverse fields, such as optical linear and angle encoders or label-free photonic biosensors.

The label-free photonic biosensors developed are based on two separate principles, although both are linked to the presence of nanostructures. Thus, biosensors based on both DFB lasers (Distributed Feedback) and on LSPR (Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance) have been developed.

These sensors are minimally invasive, given that markers for detecting a biomolecule in question (biomarkers) are not necessary. Moreover, the quantity of sample required for its detection is very small.

In both cases, both DFB lasers and LSPR, in order to ensure the sensing of the target biomolecule and not of any other that may be present in the sample, the nanostructured surfaces are biofuntionalize with the specific antibody for the biomarker.

The main developments currently being undertaken are focused on biomedicine and optical biosensors, but these devices can be adapted to the quality control for lubricating oils, for the automobile and the machine tools sectors, as well as in aeronautics. 

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