Biosensing for disease monitoring: metallic nanohole array plasmonic sensors based on scalable nanofabrication techniques

Author: Deitze Otaduy Del Paso Thesis director Dr. Santos Merino, IK4-TEKNIKER y Prof. Fernando Moreno, Universidad de Cantabria Date2019

In this thesis work a scalable biosensor based on plasmonic technology has been investigated and developed. The biosensor consists of sensing chips made of periodic nanoholes arrays on gold thin films. The proposed biosensor allows not only the quantification of protein concentration in a biological sample but also, cell identification and counting.

Therefore, it is presented as an alternative solution for its implementation in diagnosis or therapy monitoring of relevant diseases, such as cancer, autoimmune inflammatory diseases or any other pathology with well-known biomarkers. This research, thanks to the design and fabrication of a novel and suitable optical setup and microfluidic system, has allowed the validation of the proposed biosensor for specific diseases monitoring. This work, extensible to other biomarkers of interest, could represent an important progress in the development of point-of-care diagnosis systems for the increasing medicine based on liquid biopsies.

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