Materials for energy

IK4-TEKNIKER develops new advanced materials and efficient manufacturing processes for energy conversion and storage systems, offering solutions that begin with laboratory-scale development and end with the industrialisation of the process and/or product at the customer´s premises.

The main areas of research and development are:

1- Phase change materials (PCM) supported in inorganic matrices with thermal storage capacity to be used in applications such as transport, construction and the automotive industry.

  • Development of composite materials by porous media (commercial or custom designed using sol-gel) and organic and inorganic PCMs
  • Development of encapsulation routes using sol gel technology for the in-situ encapsulation of organic and inorganic PCMs

2- Thin layer solar cells on different types of substrates with high conversion efficiencies of solar energy and competitive manufacturing processes:

  • Development of new chalcopyrite-based photovoltaic absorbers
  • Development of transparent front contacts and metallic rear contacts for all types of solar cells
  • Development of buffer layers (n-type semiconductor)

3- Functional coatings for solar thermal collectors to increase the performance of electricity generating plants:

  • Development of selective coatings on steel pipes with high absorptivity and low emissivity.
  • Development of high reflection mirrors

4- Functional coatings for fuel cells and electrolysers:

  • Development of coatings with high corrosion resistance for bipolar plates.
  • Development of catalysts based on nanoparticles.

5- Advanced functional coatings:

  • Self-cleaning surfaces
  • Biocidal surfaces
  • Anti fouling surfaces

6- Nanoadditive materials:

  • Heat transfer nanofluids (HTF)
  • Molten salts for heat storage
  • Slurries based on PCM

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