Energy efficiency

Security and Mobility

  • Control and management with energy efficiency criteria
  • Control and management (District Heating networks)
  • Functional materials: surface modification and design of new materials
  • Tracking of persons, control of seating capacity
  • Evacuation of public spaces
  • Smart Cities: easy deployment, sensorisation and management of information and data analysis in order to predict behaviour of the city

The Infrastructures sector at IK4-TEKNIKER is associated with buildings and large-scale installations such as airports, stadiums, and infrastructures for transport, railways and similar.

The technological contribution from IK4-TEKNIKER to the infrastructures sector normally applies to two segments:

Energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency in buildings, mainly edifices of services such as Trade Fairs. The technologies incorporated are those related to the monitoring and control of these types of installations in order to ensure conditions of comfort and minimum cost.
  • Modelling and control of distribution of cold and heat networks. The application goes beyond what a building is, taking on the optimisation of, for example, a heating network at a district level.
  • Incorporation of the generation of renewable energy to buildings and to storage systems.
  • Modification of materials surfaces to provide aesthetic or energy properties: self-cleaning, anti-reflecting, low emission, etc.
  • Design of new materials: dispersing and encapsulating active substances, such as in the case of Phase Change Materials (PCM).

Security and Mobility

  • Application of sensorisation, vision and data management technologies, developing applications for the control of seating capacity and the evacuation of public spaces (football stadiums, metro stations, etc.) in emergency situations.
  • Smart Cities, where developments contribute to the cities and the services provided by the various stake holders therein, adapting in an increasingly enhanced manner to these services used by the public.
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