Smart systems to optimise the evacuation of large infrastructures


To evacuate crowds from major infrastructures as quickly as possible and to dynamically avoid unnecessary risks and dangers.


The development of a platform based on autonomous decisions to establish the safest and quickest path to escape from emergency situations at major infrastructures as a function of real-time events when a decision has to be taken.

evacuation, smart systems, infrastructures

When trapped, people feel confused and some may even have panic attacks and cause disruptions in evacuation pathways or stairways at major infrastructures which could hinder and slow down an evacuation process.

In order to develop a solution to properly address situations of this kind, Tekniker has been involved in the development of a smart system that combines state-of-the-art data collection solutions using advanced analysis, management and decision-making devices such as incident detection algorithms, hi-tech cameras (thermal and hyperspectral cameras) and dynamic signalling devices.

The above allows a system to adapt to any changes that take place in an emergency situation such as, for instance, the rapid spreading of a fire, by offering real-time information on the incident itself and facilitating decision making when dealing with critical situations.

The algorithms that have been tested provide information on an extensive range of parameters such as strange movements or gestures that are used as indicators to allow the system to select the quickest and safest evacuation route to escape from an emergency situation.

Thanks to video surveillance cameras, the system can identify and interpret crowd movements and gestures in specific locations and detect alarming situations in order to implement an optimum evacuation protocol. As this also provides crowd behaviour monitoring, the information can be shared and used by security staff to reach their location.

The system also features dynamic signalling elements installed along evacuation routes to guide trapped individuals towards the best exit. Tekniker has developed this easy-to-install, wireless, low consumption, safe and efficient communication system made up of a number of tricolour lighting devices (green, yellow, red) that are fitted on to walls, doors and floors. These signals guide trapped persons towards active (i.e., the safest) evacuation routes available at each point in time. This does not only shorten the duration of evacuation procedures but also helps to avoid dangerous areas and guarantees evacuee safety at all times.

It is expected that this solution will make it possible to evacuate mass events and public facilities 25% quicker. It has, in fact, already been tested successfully at a metro station in Bilbao, at the Real Sociedad football grounds, at Athen’s airport and aboard one of the world’s largest cruise ships built by STX Saint Nazaire.