Aeronautics and Space

Advanced  manufacturing aimed at increasing production and profitability

Predictive maintenance

Coatings and new materials

Systems and equipment

Inspection and measurements solutions

  • Enhancing and optimising current processes
  • Intelligence integrated into processes and machines
  • Study, improvement and development of new materials


  • Systems of monitoring, control and prediction for equipment and systems
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Development of portable machines
  • Analysis of lubricant oils
  • Enhancement of properties and novel functions
  • Design and development of mechatronic systems and test benches
  • Metrology
  • Fault and causes diagnosis

The development of safer, more ecological and more intelligent transport systems to the benefit of the public at large and of environmental policy in general while maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness achieved by European industries in the world market are the main objectives set out by the aeronautics sector.

1. Manufacturing

  • Enhancing and optimising manufacturing processes (e.g. the machining process for turbine blades).
  • Applied tribology:
    • Analysis and enhancement of the tribological properties of the materials under service conditions (fatigue, wear, friction, corrosion, etc.) (e.g. landing gear, turbine).
    • Design and development of tribological systems (e.g. gear box, ball bearings, etc.).
    • Tribology under vacuum conditions (ASTM E595-07).
    • Automation of manufacturing processes and assembly tasks.

2. Predictive maintenance

  • Systems for health monitoring and  predictive maintenance  (e.g. mechanical components, actuation systems), lubrication systems.
  • Repair and increase in in-service life of components, moulds and tools.
  • Development of portables machines for maintenance tasks (inspection and repair).
  • Development of on-line sensors for monitoring the state of the oil in lubrication systems.

3. Coatings and new materials. News functions and enhancement of properties

4. Systems and equipment

  • Fluid mechanics (e.g. design and characterisation of MVR and damper).
  • Design and developments SECU (e.g. control electronics for EMA)
  • Design and manufacturing of test banks (e.g. EMA, gear boxes).

5. Inspection and measurements solutions

  • Metrology: calibration, verification and compensation of equipment.
  • Diagnosis of causes of faults. 
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