Coatings and solutions alternative to contaminant materials


Development of coatings as an alternative to contaminant materials (Cr6++, the chromates and Cd), and enhancing their properties.


Development of new coatings free of these toxic substances, using PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), PEO (plasma electro-oxidation) and Sol Gel coating processes.

Coatings and solutions alternative to contaminant materials

The principal aim of the RAMPE project involved the development and characterisation of metals and surface coatings and treatments of interest to the aeronautics industry, regarding the effects of the substitution for chrome and cadmium coatings, as well as the surface protection treatment for conversion with chromates.

Tekniker has worked on the development of coatings free of these toxic substances using various surface treatment processes such as PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) and PEO (plasma electro-oxidation).

Moreover, it has worked on the definition of tests for specific characterisations, drawing up the protocols and tribological tests for the applications of a hydraulic actuator and a power turbine.

The ALELLA project is working in the same line of research, including new technologies such as laser cladding or Sol Gel coatings.