Tekniker, a key player in the exhibition “Genius machines. Jakintzen bideguruzean”

Date 20-11-2023 Tekniker

Together with the artist Amaia Vicente, the technology centre is the other main author of a piece to be showcased at Tabakalera at an exhibition opening on Thursday November 23.

Tekniker is one of the main players of the exhibition “Máquinas de ingenio. Jakintzen bidegurutzean” scheduled to open on Thursday at Tabakalera, the International Centre of Contemporary Art.

More specifically, the work resulting from a project based on collaborative robotics and mixed reality carried out in collaboration with the artist Amaia Vicente will be on display at an exhibition that will open to the public on November 24 and close on February 4 2024.

The project forms part of the centre’s ongoing commitment to collaborative robotics and its main focus does not only consist in placing human beings in the centre of development processes but also in enabling a transition that will produce a more harmonic coexistence with technology.

Tekniker’s participation in “Genius machines. Jakintzen bidegurutzean” is the third collaborative action in which the technology centre and Tabakalera have worked together and which, on this occasion, will take place under the umbrella of the programme launched by the Creative Impact Research Centre (CIRCE) and will be supported by the German government to boost actions related to Art, Science, technology and Society.

BCC Innovation, the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) and the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL) have also been involved in the project.

The exhibition will show the results obtained in a collaborative effort in which four artists and four scientific researchers have participated to carry out a two-fold mission consisting in, firstly, boosting innovation at the organisations involved in the project and, secondly, offering artists new development options.