Technology at the service of people

Date 26-09-2016 IK4-TEKNIKER Tags Workshops .

IK4-TEKNIKER is organising a workshop aimed at identifying needs and generating ideas to address new technological solutions in the field of robotics used for neurorehabilitation.

The development of new technologies such as robotics opens up a broad spectrum of supportive applications for neurorehabilitation that deliver benefits to patients undergoing treatment.

It is within this context that IK4-TEKNIKER will organise a workshop on September 27 to get a close look at real requirements associated with neurorehabilitation. The ultimate goal is to gather information directly from neurorehabilitation practitioners to deliver supportive technological solutions for the patient’s recovery.

The workshop will be attended by experts from the different areas involved in the neurorehabilitation process: rehabilitation doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, etc., to help identify any needs that could have a significant impact in this field.

The work methodology based on the group dynamics approach used to generate ideas has, as a starting point, a study previously carried out by IK4-TEKNIKER that will allow users to identify and design useful solutions that can improve neurorehabilitation processes.