Resilient manufacturing systems, the manufacturing of the future

Date 16-12-2021 Tekniker

Within the framework of the R2M project Tekniker will collaborate with several leading machine tool companies to develop technologies based on robotics, automation, control and manufacturing processes.

For several years, robotics has been rated as one of the key areas in terms of technological development and progress. In those countries where a high degree of robotisation has been implemented, companies have achieved higher levels of competitiveness and productivity compared to the competition. Likewise, both improved robot performance (in terms of accuracy, dynamics, communications, etc.) and a growing presence of collaborative robots are reaching out to new sectors and applications.

Due to a number of new needs brought about by the COVID crisis, it has now become necessary to reconfigure manufacturing systems to make products that are very different compared to those manufactured in the past. Consequently, and in order to make new products, “resilient” manufacturing systems are required that can be reconfigured without costly ‘retrofitting’ operations. Robotics should operate as a catalyst to achieve this resilience.

It was in this context the so-called R2M project for “Flexible and Reconfigurable Manufacturing systems Based on Robot-Machine Collaboration” was set up. The project is currently led by SMARTPM and involves leading machine tool companies such as SORALUCE, JUARISTI, FAGOR ARRASATE, FAGOR AUTOMATION, ALDAKIN, VIRTUALWARE and AFM CLUSTER.

The strategic objective of R2M consists in incorporating Automation and Smart Robotics technologies to Advanced Manufacturing Technologies to offer flexible and configurable solutions with a value proposal for customers that is focused on having multi-functional and resilient systems to upgrade manufacturing although without incurring high reengineering costs.

In order to achieve these goals, all member companies will use the support provided by leading technology centres like Tekniker, a member of the Basque Network of Science & Technology (RVTCI).

Consequently, and based on its knowledge in terms of robotics, automation and control, the technology centre will present a global overview of the project and collaborate with the member companies to develop cutting-edge technologies such as advanced robot controls with FAGOR AUTOMATION, improved robot accuracy for machining applications with JUARISTI; a framework will be implemented to develop flexible manufacturing cells with SMARTPM and the ‘Unity’ technology will be used to perform real-life simulations for manufacturing cells with VIRTUALWARE.

The R2M project has been funded by the Basque Government via SPRI and supported by Strategic Hazitek R&D&I programme to improve company competitiveness during the 2021-23 period.

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