Nickel stamps for nanoimprint lithography


To enhance the properties of stamps for nanoimprint lithography.


Obtaining nickel stamps with enhanced mechanical and durability properties.

Nickel stamps for nanoimprint lithography

Traditionally silicon moulds have been used in nanoimprint lithography (NIL) processes.

However, the inherent fragility of silicon makes it unsuitable for repeated use of stamps over long periods of time.

Besides, in the case of large-scale stamps, which have a high density of nanoscale motifs, the area of contact of the stamp with the NIL resin increases, thus increasing the risk of deterioration when the same silicon stamp is repeatedly employed.

These drawbacks can be easily resolved using metallic moulds. In this sense, nickel stamps have been manufactured using electroforming, resulting in a lower level of internal tensions and surface roughness, with mechanical properties and durability greater than those of the silicon stamps.