Collaborating Organisations will discuss Industry 4.0 at IK4-TEKNIKER

Date 03-02-2017 IK4-TEKNIKER Tags Workshops .

For the second year running, IK4-TEKNIKER will be meeting up with its partners on the “Day of Collaborating Organisations” to discuss, among other issues, Industry 4.0.

IK4-TEKNIKER will be hosting the “Day of Collaborative Organisations” at its facilities for the second year running.

The aim of this initiative is to allow the 24 Collaborating Organisations of IK4-TEKNIKER to exchange views on the present and future situation of the technology centre, discuss issues concerning technological innovation and foster a stable collaboration over time.

Seminar programme

The seminar will open with a presentation on IK4-TEKNIKER’s activities in 2016 and details with regard to the 2017 management plan. Discussions will then continue by addressing the 2020 strategic plan implemented by IK4-TEKNIKER.

As a new feature, this year’s debates will address “Industry 4.0”; the present situation of companies, where they are heading and the nature of the tools and know-how they must acquire if they wish to adapt this new concept to their business operations.

Lunch will be served once the seminar concludes at the technology centre’s facilities.

Which are the IK4-TEKNIKER Collaborating Organisations?