IK4-TEKNIKER and Ibermática bring the reality of Industry 4.0 closer to Basque companies

Date 23-09-2015 IK4-TEKNIKER

The R&D centre and the computing services company are running a seminar to go further into depth into the most recent technological trends and their application to the business environment. The seminar will comprise talks given by experts, a roundtable discussion and a guided visit around IK4-TEKNIKER´s facilities.

The Basque R&D centre IK4-TEKNIKER and the computing services company Ibermática are organising a seminar devoted to Industry 4.0; it is designed to expand knowledge about the latest technologies geared towards the industrial sphere and its transfer to the business base to be able to drive forward the competitiveness of private initiative.

The session baptised as “First practical experiences in Industry 4.0” will be taking place on Wednesday 23 September at the facilities of IK4-TEKNIKER, located in the town of Eibar in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of some of the leading companies in the technological and industrial sphere, such as Virtualware, Maier, Indaraba and the Grupo Losan, among others.

The head of the ICT area at IK4-TEKNIKER, Aitor Alzaga, will be giving the talk, ‘Industry 4.0. Revolution or Evolution?’ with the aim of sharing the essential foundations that are set to underpin the future of manufacturing.

The seminar will also include various talks given by experts about applying advanced technologies in companies, and a roundtable discussion that will be reporting on success stories, practical examples and strategy models enabling industry to adapt and transform to this new industrial revolution.

From a range of approaches and grounded in a realist perspective, the talks are designed to share the certainties as well as the doubts raised by this new paradigm of industrial development.

The event will conclude with a visit around the facilities of the R&D centre, which has accumulated over 30 years’ experience in research into technology applied to industry and its transfer to the business environment.

IK4-TEKNIKER is a significant player in applied research into Advanced Manufacturing and is a key partner when it comes to getting Basque companies to incorporate the advances achieved through R&D into their production processes and to obtain an optimum positioning on the international markets.
The so-called Industry 4.0 or Fourth Industrial Revolution anticipates a new paradigm of development for industry. It is based on rapidly applying technological advances emerging from R&D&i to manufacturing processes and to the market products themselves.

This new revolution is strengthening the use of innovative manufacturing techniques with the aim of guaranteeing the competitiveness of industry.


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