Human-machine interaction

Human-machine interaction

Human-machine interaction seeks to create mechanisms of natural communication between persons and machines. The technologies are developed so that communication is the most intuitive and natural possible, avoiding artificial interaction with the machine, thus enhancing its usability.

IK4-TEKNIKER has taken on board the problem of person-machine interaction, above all in the field of robotics through using various technologies, natural communication being understand to mean that encompassing body communication/expression and verbal language (voice, signs).

Information is transmitted not only with words, but also through body movements, postures, looks, body tension, the manner of sitting, of walking, and so on. Thus, natural person-machine interaction has to take on board multifarious aspects.

Thus, IK4-TEKNIKER focuses its research mainly on:

  • Verbal language: in this field work is mainly undertaken through combining natural language processing and semantics technologies in order to enhance communication. These developments are applied, for example, in the robotics field, in such a way that the robot is able to process orders given naturally, and by means of the reasoning system, interpreting them and giving them appropriate responses.
  • Body expression through postural analysis: working on the analysis of postures and movements of the user by means of, for example, a sensorised suit or through using vision techniques.

Research is also being carried out on the identification of the emotional state of persons, an important aspect to be taken into consideration for many person-machine interaction scenarios.

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