The technology-based company iLine Microsystems becomes IK4-TEKNIKER’s latest collaborating organisation

Date 26-05-2015

The IK4-TEKNIKER R&D centre has incorporated the company iLine Microsystems as a collaborating organisation with the aim of developing joint high added-value projects. The R&D centre will be making available its knowledge relating to photonics, artificial vision, signal processing and algorithmics.

The Gipuzkoan company iLine Microsystems, which specialises in the development and manufacture of systems for in-vitro diagnostics, has joined the IK4-TEKNIKER R&D centre as a collaborating organisation with the aim of bringing together the knowledge of the two organisations to drive forward the development of innovative products and services.

The collaboration agreement reinforces the technological bond based on complementarity that already united the two organisations and which found its expression in the support that IK4-TEKNIKER has offered iLine Microsystems to finalise the design and development of its products.

The aim of this alliance is based on developing R&D strategies together, promoting collaborative projects, and driving forward the design of high added-value products with a highly innovative component.

The company, located in the Science and Technology Park of Gipuzkoa in Miramón, develops Point-of-Care in-vitro diagnostic devices to monitor oral anticoagulation therapy with a high degree of innovation and reliability.

The devices developed by iLine Microsystems use high added-value technologies capable of competing on international markets and are simple to use for both self-testing and professional purposes.

“The differential factor of the products developed by iLine Microsystems is underpinned by innovation, technical knowledge and market needs”, said the company’s head of R&D, Xabier Hernández.

Specifically, iLine Microsystems is designing the biochemical reaction and establishing the physio-biochemical basis for studying the fluid which is analysed, while IK4-TEKNIKER is working on the design of the inspection system through various prototyping phases in which the solutions are adjusted to the needs of the researchers at the firm based in Donostia-San Sebastian.

Among the most important contributions that IK4-TEKNIKER is making to iLine Microsystems features the R&D centre’s extensive knowledge in disciplines like photonics, artificial vision, signal processing and algorithmics.

What is more, the co-operation with the R&D centre extends to the phases involving verification, validation, certification and after-sales services of iLine Microsystems products.

The agreement signed between the two organisations opens the door that will enable iLine Microsystems to join the programme of benefits for IK4-TEKNIKER’s collaborating companies; this programme boosts the strategic relationship among the various players and enables a relationship of co-operation in R&D&i that is stable in time to be achieved.

The incorporation of iLine Microsystems into IK4-TEKNIKER’s group of collaborating organisations constitutes one more among other similar alliances the centre has set up with various companies. The R&D centre’s Collaborating Organisations now number 21 with the incorporation of iLine.

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