The LUBMAT-IBERTRIB 2024 scientific committee brings together leading experts from the areas of lubrication, maintenance and tribology

Date 26-03-2024 Tekniker

Once again, the organisation of the international conference to be held in Donostia from June 18 - 20 will be chaired by the Tekniker technology centre.

The LUBMAT-IBERTRIB 2024 conference will provide a meeting point for key actors in the industrial areas of lubrication, tribology and maintenance, all of whom will gather at the Kursaal Conference Centre and Auditorium in Donostia-San Sebastián.

For three consecutive days, industrial companies and leading research bodies involved in the above mentioned areas will showcase their services and solutions in front of a highly specialised industrial audience.

The conference, featuring two committees for this year’s edition, will be chaired, yet again, by the Tekniker technology centre and, more specifically, by Dr Ana Aranzabe, Subdirector General and Director of Technology.

LUBMAT-IBERTRIB deputy chair appointments have gone to Mr Javier Barriga, director of Tribology and Materials at Tekniker; Ian Sherrington, from the JOST Institute of Lubrication and Technology and Mr Ahmed Onsy, from Lancashire Central University.

Organising Committee

LUBMAT-IBERTRIB 2024 has an organising committee made up of experts from Tekniker, Bureau Veritas and Atten2, the three main organisations driving this initiative.

The role played by this Committee will not only focus on planning, executing and evaluating the event, but will also define and design the programme.

Scientific committee

The scientific committee, moreover, will bring together leading national and international experts from the world of lubrication, maintenance and tribology.

The committee has 30 members working for companies, universities, research centres and institutes from Spain, Europe and other parts of the world such as Atten2, Bureau Veritas, FLUITEC, the Institute of Material Science in Seville, the JOST Lubrication institute, the University of Santiago, the Public University of Navarre, the University of Lisbon and the Ceramic and Glass Institute.

Please go to the official conference website to learn more about LUBMAT-IBERTRIB 2024 committee members.