The 7th edition of the international LUBMAT conference goes digital

Date 19-11-2020 Tekniker

Under the theme “We are digital” the 7th edition of the event jointly organised by the Tekniker technology centre, the JOST Institute and Bureau Veritas, will bring together leading industrial experts from the fields of lubrication, tribology and maintenance 4.0 (condition monitoring) from December 15 – 17.

As it is extremely difficult to hold in-person events in the current context due to the severe social & healthcare situation caused by COVID-19, LUBMAT, the international conference on tribology, lubrication and maintenance 4.0 (condition monitoring) will take the plunge and go for a digital format.

Although the event had been initially scheduled to take place at the Euskalduna Conference Centre in Bilbao, the 7th edition of LUBMAT has been postponed until December 15 – 17 to offer an online exhibition space to leading experts in lubrication, tribology and maintenance 4.0.

LUBMAT was born as a result of a collaboration between Tekniker, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA) and the United Kingdom’s Jost Institute for Tribotechnology. Over the years, this European event has gradually become a landmark where experts can see and discuss all the most recent developments in terms of products and services. Another new feature of this edition is that Bureau Veritas will be joining the event as a co-organiser.

Information has also been given by the organisers on the names of the international guest speakers that will be joining online to share their industrial knowledge and experience with all participants. More specifically, there will be ten speakers: Esteban Broitman (SKF Research & Technology Development), Ali Erdemir (Argonne National Laboratory), Jim Fitch (Noria Corporation), Paul Hetherignton (Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc.), Frank Hollmann (BASF), Itziar Landa (Petronor), Edgar Martínez de Aguas (Atten2), Barbara Monse (Bureau Veritas Commodities), César Pastor (Robert Bosch) and Gerardo Trujillo (Noria Latin America).

During this three-day event, significant contributions will be made in the three aforementioned thematic areas of lubrication, tribology and maintenance 4.0 and condition monitoring. As regards lubrication, for instance, a number of issues related to contamination or how to implement excellent management actions shall be discussed.

As regards maintenance 4.0, presentations will focus on diagnostic, prognostic and life cycle extension strategies to improve machine life cycles and the best currently available tools available to plan and optimise predictive maintenance, among other subjects. Lastly, and as far tribology is concerned, new developments will be presented during the conference on surface treatments and coatings. Discussions will also focus on a number of issues related to friction and wear such as energy efficiency based on friction control.

Start-ups, entrepreneurs or companies interested in tribology, lubrication or maintenance 4.0 in the industrial sector that wish to participate in this virtual conference may do so by registering on the conference website.

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