Tekniker participates in the forum ‘Matchmaking Innovation in Health: Smart Medical Devices and Robotics’

Date 18-10-2023 Tekniker

The technology centre will give a lecture to be followed by a panel discussion to explain several types of medical devices on display on the organisation’s stand as well as videos on robotics applied to health on the GTROMA stand (the Working Group on Medical and Health Robotics) of Hisparob.

Today and tomorrow, the BIC Bizkaia Ezkerraldea in Barakaldo (Vizcaya) will host another edition of the forum ‘Matchmaking Innovation in Health: Smart Medical Devices and Robotics’ and Tekniker will not miss this event.

Technology centre experts will participate in today’s session entitled “Health Robotics Arena (II)” to provide adequate solutions aimed at addressing the challenge of evaluating the tension of suturing threads to avoid applying too much tension or not tightening them to a sufficient degree.

It will be on the 19th when these experts will participate in a panel discussion entitled “The medical robotic system in the Basque Country”. More specifically, Eneko Ugalde, the director of the unit dealing with Autonomous and Intelligent Systems will explain his views with regard to concepts like the degree of accuracy required by robots to operate in different environments, person-robot interactions, augmented reality or perception, among other subjects, considering that robots are now operating in different sectors. He will also explain the ISO 13485:2016 certification process to design and develop medical devices pursuant to the harmonised quality standards currently in force at the technology centre and which are essential to manufacture health products.

Exhibition area

The technology centre, moreover, has an in-house exhibition area to showcase the different medical devices developed collaboratively with other companies: a portable coagulometer to monitor the index of blood clotting (iLine Microsystems), a portable measuring device based on an enzymatic biosensor (Histamine) for the food industry (Biolan) and a universal and integral diabetes management system (Insulclock).

Videos are also available in the GTROMA (Medical and Health Robotics Working Group) exhibition space to view a number of developments based on healthcare robotics currently lead by Tekniker and which belong to Hisparob, the Spanish Robotics Platform.

More specifically, what is on display is a robotic arm for strength training exercises with variable resistance settings; robot-person interactions using voice and gesture commands; augmented reality to enhance safety in the environment (with different levels of safety as a function of the trajectory followed by the robot and the position of the worker); collaborative robotics to mount trays with small parts and collaborative person-robot interactions to assist in the assemblage of electric cabinets (featuring, among other things, orders issued by voice and laser pointers).

The ‘Matchmaking Innovation in Health’ forum

‘Matchmaking Innovation in Health’ is a forum the boosts open innovation ecosystems focused on developing new “Smart medical Devices and Robotics”, on fostering synergies between different stakeholders such as public institutions, Start-ups, R&D&I groups, industries and technological and clinical centres to produce a highly valuable business fabric and to generate and retain talent and position the Basque Country as an outstanding national technological player.

The forum has been organised by Fenin (through its Healthcare Technology Innovation Platform) with the collaboration the Basque Health Cluster, Tecnalia and the Spanish Society of Surgical Research (SEIQ).