Tekniker participates in the fifth edition of the V3DMC conference

Date 05-10-2020 Tekniker Tags Congresses .

The technology centre has been invited to give two lectures on photogrammetry at the V3DMC conference, a European landmark 3D metrology event.

The 5th edition of the V3DMC conference (3D Metrology Conference) on the application and development of 3D metrology for industries and research actions will be held on-line from October 5-9 2020. Some of the subjects that will be discussed for three days are, among others, 3D metrology for advanced manufacturing, in-process metrology and automation, measurement uncertainties and augmented reality.

The conference is mainly aimed at researchers and end users of 3D metrology systems in industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, power generation, etc. The event, moreover, offers a wonderful opportunity to present and discuss the most recent developments, scientific advances and issues related to how 3D metrology is currently being applied in the industry.

In this regard, the Tekniker technology centre, a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance, will play an outstanding role by giving two lectures on large-scale metrology.

The first of them under the title “Development and validation of a large-scale photogrammetry system for a novel solar concentration plant" will explain how to develop and validate a measuring system based on large-scale photogrammetry.

A digital model of the measuring system has been developed to implement and validate this solution to configure system parameters and estimate measuring accuracy in terms of the working volume of the solar system. Its ultimate goal is to measure and correct positioning and orientation errors affecting the cable-actuated positioning system to ensure an accurate control loop.

More specifically, this development forms part of a European project called MOSAIC that intends to develop a novel solar concentration system that combines a fixed mirror measuring 30 m in diameter and a mobile cable-actuated cylindric collector. Compared to other alternatives currently in use, the most outstanding novelty is that this system offers a completely new low-cost and modular architecture.

It will be possible to follow both presentations via streaming on Tuesday 6 and Thursday 8 of October. Both one-hour lectures have been scheduled to start at 10.00 am.

The second lecture, entitled “A priori Montecarlo simulation solutions for large scale metrology”, will explain the approach based on the Montecarlo solution used to perform simulations prior to real field measurements.

This solution offers a number of advantages as it allows users to predict measuring uncertainties in very large and complex scenarios featuring various specific measuring instruments such as laser trackers or photogrammetry systems. Moreover, it also delivers a more suitable measuring procedure that reduces measuring uncertainties and guarantees that all the points to be evaluated can be measured from wherever the measuring instrument is located.

Additionally, two case studies will be explained during this presentation, one of them being the previously mentioned MOSAIC project and the international LSST project, in which the technology centre is playing an outstanding role in terms of developing control and safety systems for the world’s most advanced Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST).

It will be possible to follow this lecture via streaming on two consecutive days on Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 of October. In this instance, the paper will be given from 10.00 to 11.00 am and from 15.00 to 16.00, respectively.

Further information
For more information, please visit the conference website V3DMC.

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