Tekniker develops a sensor to monitor tomato quality

Date 21-07-2021 Tekniker

The ultimate goal of the project in which Tekniker is involved consists in implementing innovation actions in agrifood production chains owned by small farms and SMEs where tomatoes are grown in the Mediterranean area.

The goal sought by the European Meditomato project is geared towards allowing the agrifood sector and, more specifically, small farms, to progress towards different levels (in terms of the environment, food quality and safety, sustainability, traceability, efficiency and resource management) and achieve a higher degree of rural and social development in the sector.

The project is focused on developing innovative technologies covering the entire tomato production chain, from production to processing and distribution.

Tekniker, a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), is participating in this project together with CNTA (The National Centre for Food Safety and Technology), to develop and validate a sensor device based on Vis-NIR technology to monitor tomato quality.

More specifically, the Vis-NIR sensor device is a prototype developed for real-time monitoring of the main parameters that determine the quality of tomatoes: degrees Brix (sugar content), total acidity, firmness and colour.

The prototype has also been designed to perform non-destructive characterisations on up to 30 tomatoes per minute to be transported easily to different locations in plants or reception centres.

This project forms part of the PRIMA programme funded by the European Union.