Self-powered wireless sensors for IoT applications


Developing miniaturised self-powered wireless devices to collect environmental and structural data in environments where no external power sources are available or access is restricted.


Developing IoT devices equipped with multiple sensors that can be actuated and feature ultra-low consumption communication protocols that do not require an external power source to operate nor batteries.

Self-powered wireless sensors, IoT

In order to facilitate the deployment and implementation of IoT technologies it is crucial to be able to achieve long running time in wireless devices to maximise the service life of their disposable batteries. If available, sensor networks can also be fed by alternative energy sources (solar power for instance) in order to extend operating time.

It is in this context that Tekniker has developed a new multi-functional sensor concept that makes it possible to increase the number of sensor points (in bays, buildings, transport systems, etc.) to develop advanced monitoring, traceability and decision-making strategies.

Explicity conceived as a modular kit that is easy to deploy and adapt, this development has demonstrated that these solutions can be applied to multiple case studies such as controlling an HVAC system more efficiently, deploying multiple environmental quality monitoring points at animal farms or learning more about how goods are handled and transported.