New business models geared towards servitization

Date 15-09-2016 IK4-TEKNIKER Tags Workshops .

A seminar on the development of new business models geared towards services, especially for SMEs.

In the current global economy, industrial manufacturers are under pressure to adapt to a business environment that is undergoing constant changes.

Consequently, and as a part of industry 4.0, new trends such as manufacturing servitization are gaining momentum.

Servitization can also be rated as an innovation of business models in terms of organization capacities and processes used to enhance service-oriented activities. It also addresses the importance of certain strategies and technologies connected to reliability and life cycle assessments, service engineering or advanced maintenance.

Within this context, IK4-TEKNIKER and ULMA will today hold a seminar entitled “Industry 4.0: Extending machinery life cycles, reutilising components and servitization” during which new servitization-oriented business models and technologies will be discussed, with a specific focus on SMEs. The seminar will also address real cases of manufacturing firms interested in broadening the scope of their servitization and reutilisation activities.


The seminar will open at 10.00h with a first lecture addressing how to develop new business models and technologies.

In the first part of the seminar the floor will be given to speakers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, Orkestra, University of Brescia, Predict, B + I Strategy and IK4-TEKNIKER.

Part two will be characterised by a strong practical focus and presentations will refer to success stories describing industrial companies such as ULMA, Fagor Automation, H-Enea Living Lab & ACEDE, FIDIA/IMATECNO and KINE Robot Solutions Oy.

Lectures will start at 10.15 at the ULMA head office in Oñati, Gipuzkoa and the session will end at 14.30 followed by lunch.

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