Laser Cladding of Vanadium-Carbide Tool Steels for Die Repair

Author: J. Leunda, C. Soriano, C. Sanz, V. García Navas Date2011

A study of the laser cladding of powder metallurgical tool steels has been carried out. 

CPM 10V and Vanadis 4 Extra tool steel powders have been deposited on Vanadis 4 Extra tool steel plates, for repairing purposes, using a Nd:YAG laser. The microstructure of the laser cladding samples was investigated using optical and scanning electron microscopes. The volumetric fraction of retained austenite was evaluated by X-ray diffraction and microhardness profiles were measured. Crack free 700 HV 0.3 cladding tracks were achieved with both materials and coatings show a microstructure of carbides embedded in a martensite plus retained austenite matrix.

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