We are looking for a researcher at Tekniker dealing with artificial vision. Join us!

Date 12-12-2023 Tekniker Tags Job offer .

We are looking for a person to fill a vacancy in the area of Artificial Vision at Tekniker’s unit of Standalone and Smart Systems.We are looking for a person to fill a vacancy in the area of Artificial Vision at Tekniker’s unit of Standalone and Smart Systems.

The person to be selected must be specifically focused on R&D and technical excellence to join a team made up of professionals with an extensive amount of experience in national and international projects that can be transferred to the industry.

We are considering a person with higher engineering qualifications or a master’s degree with research or industrial experience in the area of artificial vision in one or more of its different applications (inspection and measurement, robotics, spatial positioning, security, navigation, etc.), with skills for team work, somebody who would also know how to interact with customers and collaborators to address technical matters. He/she will be requested to contribute new ideas and be given leeway to work with a certain amount of autonomy.

To fill this vacancy, candidates must demonstrate their prior experience in European research projects or other industrial endeavours related to artificial intelligence and possess at least three years of experience in the following areas: 

  • Selection of artificial vision hardware (cameras, lenses and lighting)
  • 2D and 3D image processing
  • C/C++, C# and Python programming languages
  • Visual Studio, Qt and PyCharm development environments
  • Software development for Windows and Linux operating systems- MVTec Halcon and OpenCV artificial vision libraries
  • TCP/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT, OPC-UA and MQTT communication protocols

Knowledge related on how to develop Deep Learning solutions by implementing models based on neural networks with PyTorch, TensorFlow and Keras would also be considered an asset. 

 A solid knowledge of the English language is required as the person to be selected will be involved in international R&D projects. Conversational knowledge of Basque is also desirable.

We offer immediate hiring, stable activities geared towards applicability, ongoing training and remuneration according to demonstrated skills.

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