Internet of Things: an ongoing revolution

Date 05-09-2019 IK4-TEKNIKER Tags IoT .

IK4-TEKNIKER has put is stakes on IoT technologies to address industrial challenges posed by diverse sectors dealing with health care, automotive or digital households.

IoT (Internet of Things) technologies have made a complete 180 degree turn in the current digital ecosystem by reaching beyond applications such as health, transport or "digital homes". They also represent a turning point for the industrial sector.

IK4-TEKNIKER, whose aim is to address any challenges arising from this digital transformation, believes that we are dealing with a crucial new technology to implement the “Industry 4.0” concept.

Moreover, many of their customers, especially OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), integrators, component manufacturers, etc. are interested in finding new business opportunities by incorporating "intelligence" to their products and providing product-related services.

At IK4-TEKNIKER, the research and development of IoT technologies is being addressed from the perspective of complementary capabilities and the generation of devices to be managed in the cloud. The ultimate goal is to address the challenges that digital transformation and Industry 4.0 pose for our local companies from a transversal and multi-sectorial perspective.

We currently stand at the forefront of IoT technologies thanks to our high level of technological specialisation and our in-depth knowledge in terms of industrial processes and collaboration with leading stakeholders in diverse sectors such as health, infrastructures, digital homes, automation, aeronautics, science industries, machine tools or the agrofood business, among others.

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