High speed milling head with magnetic fixing


To develop a high speed milling head with magnetic levitation bearings.


High-speed milling head (36,000 rpm, 70 kW) with magnetic levitation bearings, chatter free by means of incorporating shock damping through the control.

High speed milling head with magnetic fixing

The bearings of high-speed machining heads are still the component that limits the life of the head, and they require constant repair and maintenance.

Magnetically levitated bearings eliminate this effect because there is no physical contact between the rotating axle and the fixed part. 

Nevertheless, the development of a robust and reliable high-speed head, with the same cutting ability as a conventional head, means overcoming several technological challenges.

The electronics must be extremely powerful and fast regarding calculation capacity, the sensors must also have a large band width and the control is complex and must be robust enough to operate an intrinsically unstable element.

Lastly, the lack of physical contact reduces to a minimum the damping of the system, which must be compensated by means of control strategies to achieve vibration free cutting.

All these challenges have been overcome, achieving a 36,000 rpm, 70 kW, robust and reliable head.

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