"Healthier" transformers thanks to a redesigned maintenance


To diagnose the general condition of the transformer.


Maximization of the useful life of the transformer.

Transformers are a vital resource in the processes of generation, transmission, distribution and use of electricity, therefore, despite the limited attention they usually attract from those responsible for maintenance, they are a ubiquitous component of the industrial premises that demand specific care.

Tekniker has developed an innovative system of comprehensive diagnosis of faults and defects in electrical transformers, called Function Based Maintenance: a system that allows more information to be collected and, therefore, maximises the useful life and efficiency of the devices.

Since international standards deal with the physical and chemical analysis of dissolved gases and furan derivatives separately, the maintenance that is usually carried out in companies often loses very valuable information for the overall diagnosis of the transformer.

Integrated results

To resolve this problem, the Function Based Maintenance system integrates the results of the analysis of all the subsystems of a transformer, interprets the results taking into account the mission of each component and diagnoses the condition of the device, recognising the specific faults of each of the components.

This innovative system is based on the fact that the liquid and solid insulations are an integral part of the transformer and not a mere auxiliary element given that they play a dynamic role in the state of the whole system. Thanks to this change in concept, the method devised by Tekniker provides more accurate and effective attention to the general condition of the transformer.