Efficient business management models to advance in Industry 4.0.

Date 16-03-2017 IK4-TEKNIKER Tags Workshops .

The network of Lean Community businesses and IK4-TEKNIKER host today a seminar aimed at finding synergies between their company organisation methodology and the fourth industrial revolution.

Delivering maximum value to the customer, reducing costs and shortening throughput times are some of the basic principles addressed by the Lean methodology, a management model focused on increasing production efficiency by optimising resources. The Lean Community network and the Basque technology centre, IK4-TEKNIKER, will hold a business seminar today to explore synergies between this organisational culture and the challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution.

The session entitled “Basque Industry 4.0: the avant-garde of digitisation”, will take place at the Basque technology centre’s facilities and focus on drawing the Lean model closer to an Industry 4.0 paradigm that is characterised by the implementation of information and communication technologies in manufacturing systems.

The Lean Community is a nationwide network that brings together professionals from a number of production sectors interested in implementing this organisational philosophy at their companies based on achieving a high quality production with the lowest possible level of resource consumption. It specifically provides companies with the tools required to increase their competitiveness within a market that is becoming more global and demanding.

It is within this context that the Lean Community has chosen IK4-TEKNIKER as a benchmark organisation to produce first-hand information on how Industry 4.0 is being implemented in the Basque Country, one of Spain’s most outstanding industrial players.

“The fact that IK4-TEKNIKER has been chosen as the scenario to address the use the use of advanced ICTs in production environments constitutes a recognition of our contribution with regard to technology transfers and the development of companies in our environment”, says Alex Bengoa, the technology centre’s director general.

The seminar

The event comprises an extensive range of presentations addressing the five fundamental axes of the fourth industrial revolution: Big Data, IoT and Cybersecurity; inspection and measuring; predictive maintenance; collaborative robotics and additive manufacturing.

There will be approximately 90 attendees at the technology centre who will receive first hand information on the experience of some leading companies and technology centres such as HP, Ranault, Gnoss, Datapixel, SONAE, Addimen and IK4-TEKNIKER itself that, in addition to providing the venue for the meeting, will also be actively involved in the presentations.

Once the event is over, participants will be invited to visit the technology centre’s facilities to discover the work currently underway in terms of Industry 4.0.

The seminar will conclude with several thematic work groups that will bring participants and experts together to address the short and medium term needs of companies, discuss future developments associated with the the biggest impact or broach the importance attached to the human factor within the new industrial ecosystem.

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