Dream painter, interactive robotic installation

Date 22-12-2021 Tekniker

Dream painter is an interactive robotic installation that transforms the public’s dreams into a collective painting.

Tekniker and Tabakalera have collaborated to develop an initiative aimed at exploring emotional interactions between robots and human beings to further the impact of collaborative robotics at companies and socialise research actions caried out in the Basque Country.

The project, called Dream painter, has been carried out thanks to the joint efforts of Medialab and Tekniker’s work area focused on innovation-robotics with the participation of the Varvara&Mar artistic duo.

The installation features an industrial robot that visitors can use to describe their dreams that are subsequently “painted” on a mural as an interpretation of what has been said.

The work consists of several elements: interaction station, robot painter and creative coding to transform spoken words into a work of art on canvas.

The project will be presented today at Tabakalera and will be open to the public until 9 January 2022.

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