Coatings for dental implants


To improve the tribological, electrochemical and osseointegration properties of dental implants.


Porous coating on biocompatible titanium with easy osseointegration that improves the wear resistance of the titanium substrate under conditions of tribocorrosion in biological fluids.

Coatings for dental implants

The oxidation treatment of titanium implants can substantially improve the osseointegration of the screw in the jaw bone, reduce the risk of infection and prevent the synergistic action of wear and corrosion due to mastication loads in the presence of saliva.

The objective was to improve the tribological, electrochemical and osseointegration properties in dental implants by applying plasma electrolytic oxidation as a surface treatment for the titanium component.

To do this, several oxides were developed, varying their porosity, micro-structure and chemical composition, in order to evaluate their properties and select the best option in accordance with the requirements of the component.

It was possible to optimise the process and formulate a new electrolyte rich in P and Ca which allows the growth of a porous oxide combining rutile-anatase phases with high wear, corrosion and tribocorrosion  resistance in biological fluids.

The optimised coating reduces the volume of material lost under conditions of tribocorrosion by 89.4%.