CESA and Tekniker work hand-in-hand to boost R&D in the aeronautical sector

Date 12-06-2024 Tekniker

CESA, with corporate headquarters in Getafe, and the technology centre strengthened their ties today after signing an agreement that enables CESA to become a collaborative firm of Tekniker.

CESA, a company specialised in manufacturing aeronautical systems, and the Tekniker technology centre, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), will jointly boost R&D in the aeronautical sector

Today, on Wednesday June 20, both organisations have strengthened their relationship by signing an agreement allowing CESA to become a collaborative firm with Tekniker. The agreement has been signed at the technology centre’s corporate headquarters in Eibar (Gipuzkoa).

As a member the Héroux Devtek aeronautical group since 2018, CESA embraces the design, development, production, maintenance and back-up required for products associated with hydraulic and actuation systems currently used in a wide range of applications ranging from flight controls to actuators for landing gear and loading doors.

Over the last few years, both organisations have carried out several collaborative actions specifically related to technological development.

Tekniker’s Managing Director, Luis Uriarte, explains that “we feel very proud to be able to strengthen our historic ties with one of the most outstanding companies of the aeronautical sector for the purpose of developing new solutions that are increasingly more focused on digitisation”.

It is within the framework of this new agreement that Tekniker will actively support CESA in the characterisation of new designs and developments for mechatronic systems, electronic units and testing equipment used in the aeronautical sector. Moreover, the technology centre’s know-how with regard to the way systems of this kind can be digitised and modelled will make it possible to incorporate cognitive and predictive capabilities that will enhance their functionalities.

Thanks to this agreement, CESA and Tekniker will further develop a strategic relationship whose ultimate goal does not only consist in allowing both organisations to get to know each other better, but also to share and combine technological plans and explore new technological and market opportunities for the company. Essentially, the aim is to carry out fully-aligned and far-reaching joint R&D&I projects to produce major positive impacts for CESA’s business.

Thanks to the incorporation of CESA as a new member, the group now boasts more than twenty collaborative firms operating in different industrial areas.

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