Boosting the future of industry: innovation in the area of industrial equipment

Date 31-05-2024 Tekniker

In a constantly changing landscape of technological innovation and research, development centres are playing an essential role with regard to developing advanced solutions to further industrial progress. For several decades, Tekniker has not only accumulated extensive experience but also in-depth knowledge and a command of a range of technological disciplines that can anticipate and adapt to emerging trends.

In what is nowadays a constantly evolving technological environment, research and development centres are playing a fundamental role with respect to generating innovative solutions to further industrial progress.

Tekniker’s success is based on several decades of experience supported by a solid command of a wide range of technological disciplines. Our capacity to anticipate and adapt to emerging trends is underpinned by solid know-how covering areas such as, among others, precision mechatronics, advanced control and digitisation.

In our industrial environment, no relevance has been lost with regard to mechanics from the innovation perspective thanks to the electrification and "smartisation" of devices as demonstrated by sectors such as transport, energy and manufacturing. Less mature sectors characterised by a strong growth potential are increasingly searching for new developments in areas such as mechatronics.

Consequently, new research and development opportunities are appearing in emerging areas such as astrophysics, aerospace, scientific infrastructures, renewables and biomedicine.

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