Autonomous wireless multimodal sensor network


To develop a network of sensors in order to gather environmental data and fed by Energy Harvesting.


Development of sensors and actuators, besides an ultra-low consumption protocol compatible with Energy Harvesting technologies.

Sensor network, Energy Harvesting, wireless actuator

The aim of the project is to increase the number of sensor points within an edifice in order to carry out the most efficient energy management within the HVAC system. To this end, it was necessary to develop wireless sensors and actuators with great autonomy, and which ideally do not depend on disposable batteries.

To this end ultra-low consumption sensor devices and ultra-low consumption communication protocols were developed and which were dynamically adaptable.

Once finished, the project revealed that it is possible to control a HVAC system through a sensor network. Also, the sensor network is able to operate being mainly fed by solar energy.

This development is principally applied in domotics and energy efficiency, but can be easily extended to any other sector.