Anti-wear and anti-scratch coatings for iron soleplates


To develop an extremely hard dense coating of alumina on 5052 aluminium soleplates for irons.


Coating of more than 100 μm and 2000Hv hardness with high resistance to scratching.

Anti-wear and anti-scratch coatings for iron soleplates

This was about developing a new model of lightweight iron that entailed the use of aluminium alloys in the soleplate to reduce the weight of the component.

The aluminium soleplate had to have good sliding properties, a low coefficient of friction and high resistance to scratching.

The objective in this case was to develop a dense, hard layer of alumina on the aluminium soleplate which would reduce the friction of the component and which would be highly resistant to scratching.

Several plasma electrolytic oxidation processes were developed using different currents and process times in order to determine the parameters necessary to obtain an extremely hard and thick alpha phase alumina layer.

Finally they obtained a coating of more than 100 microns and 2000Hv hardness (corundum) on actual 5052 aluminium soleplates with the required functionalities.