A standardised method to digitise the results of tribological experiments

Date 09-11-2023 Tekniker

Tekniker is collaborating in a project supported by European funding for the purpose of establishing a coherent approach to manage industrial information.

For the last three years, Tekniker has been involved in OntoCommons, a European project whose ultimate goal is to set up a standardised method to normalise and digitise data in the manufacturing sector and in the area of material science.

In order to achieve this goal, several ontologies and tools (OCES) have been developed and which, whenever specific normalisation patterns are followed, obtain FAIR data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). OCES, moreover, has implemented mechanisms that guarantee intra and inter domain interoperability in sectors dedicated to materials and manufacturing.

It is within the framework of this project that Tekniker has led a use-case associated with tribology, a science whose goal is to develop solutions that can palliate the negative effects caused by wear affecting different types of parts. The ultimate aim is to perform tribological characterisations of how materials behave based on data. Consequently, a consensus had to be reached with regard to a common representation that could describe the configuration and the results of tribological experiments.

By applying semantic technologies, Tekniker has been able to establish a uniform approach to access data via a formal and unequivocal representation based on tribological experiments to reduce the number of tests required and also save time and money.

The final results of OntoCommons, a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme that features a consortium with agents from the European industrial sector whose aim is to establish a set of rules applicable to data management, will be presented today, on Thursday November 9, at the Office of the Basque Country in Brussels.

A data management partnership

Another leg of the project is associated with setting up the KGA alliance (International Semantic and FAIR Knowledge Graph Alliance).

This alliance, in which Tekniker will also play an active role, stemmed from the OntoCommons initiative for the purpose of managing the data normalisation and digitisation process in industrial environments to further efficiency and collaboration.