Knowit, the Tekniker competitive intelligence platform at ULMA Handling Systems


The need, on the part of ULMA Handling Systems, to manage information more systematically and efficiently with regard to market advances and technological developments related to the logistics sector for the ultimate purpose of enhancing operational and strategic decision-making.


The implementation of Knowit, the Tekniker competitive intelligence platform designed to efficiently manage strategic decision-making at ULMA Handling Systems.

Competitive Intelligence, knowit, collaborative platform, ULMA Handling Systems

Although ULMA Handling Systems already has several years of experience in the field of Competitive Intelligence, the company has not yet implemented the most suitable systems to fully meet its needs.

Consequently, it was considered necessary to implement knowit, the collaborative intelligence platform, developed in full by Tekniker, to meet a number of active listening requirements crucial for the company´s strategy.

In stage one, the project, carried out in cooperation with Tekniker, began by defining goals, work teams and roles to be played.

In stage two, requirements were diagnosed based on the goals addressed in the previous stage. It was at this point in time when a preliminary list was drawn up describing relevant sources of information that were later revised and validated to adapt the quality and quantity of information to be fed into the platform.

The third and final stage consisted in implementing the system and the different roles involved in the process to develop a systematic search, detection, analysis and communication process for information supporting strategic decision- making actions.

In addition to implementing and commissioning Knowit, the project has also provided training for ULMA Handling Systems staff involved in the process that allows them to set up an internal competitive intelligence process that delivers key decision-making elements.