IK4-TEKNIKER participates in the fourth edition of the 3DMC conference

Date 31-10-2019 IK4-TEKNIKER Tags Congresses .

The technology centre will participate in a photogrammetry workshop to present a paper describing the new concept of solar concentration technology at the conference.

From November 4 – 7, London is the city chosen to host the fourth edition of 3DMC (the 3D Metrology Conference) and IK4-TEKNIKER will not miss the event. On this particular occasion, the technology centre will participate in a workshop on November 5 and give a presentation on November 7.

During the workshop on “Progress in industrial photogrammetry by means of markerless solutions”, a number of limitations of industrial photogrammetry will be described and several alternative approaches will be presented to overcome them.

Photogrammetry is a constantly changing field fully in line with advanced manufacturing needs that offers many of the measuring functionalities and capacities required in industrial scenarios.

The use of physical targets when applying photogrammetry does not only improve the accuracy of equipment and measuring procedures, but also guarantees that photogrammetry itself will perform robustly and automatically.

The use of physical targets, however, represents a practical constraint in many applications due to lack of time or resilience in processes.

Consequently, the workshop will describe the outcomes of industrial cases in which very few targets have been used or eliminated altogether. In all instances, the solutions are based on geometric features taken from images and by combining specific measurement strategies, models and algorithms.

The lecture entitled “Large Volume 3D Metrology for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technology”, will introduce a new solar concentration technology concept characterised by low implementation costs and greater efficiency compared to current technologies, that will make it possible to reduce the cost of producing electricity. This new modular configuration will be based on a fixed semi-Fresnel solar field and a high-temperature, actuated mobile receiver featuring a high volume measuring system

The 3DMC conference

The 3DMC conference will focus on applying and developing 3D measuring technologies for industrial and research purposes.

For three days, discussions will address topics such as 3D for advanced manufacturing, in-process metrology and automation, measurement uncertainties and traceability or augmented reality, amongst other issues.

The conference is mainly geared towards researchers and end users of 3D metrology systems in industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, power generation, etc., and intends to present and discuss recent contributions, scientific developments and issues related to 3D metrology and all of this can be applied in the industry.

Further information

For further information, please visit the 3DMC Conference website.


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