An ultrasound is an acoustic wave (sound) the frequency of which exceeds the perception threshold of the human ear (20 kHz). Depending on its intensity fields of application can be distinguished. The first, of low amplitude, is based on employing the rebound (echo) of the sound as a monitoring system (sonar, ultrasound, etc.). The second uses a sound the intensity of which is so high that it modifies the medium through which it passes (weld, cleaned surface, cutting, polished surface, and so on). IK4-TEKNIKER is committed to high-intensity ultrasounds, given that its scope of applications is continuously growing.

IK4-TEKNIKER entered the field of high-intensityultrasounds as user of a RUM (Rotary Ultrasonic Machining) machine, using ultrasounds to facilitate the grinding of hard and fragile materials (glass, ceramics, stone, etc.). With the implementation of research projects and the knowhow for the manufacture of ultrasonic transducers, the ability to generate high-frequency vibrations was acquired. This capacity for design has enabled IK4-TEKNIKER to develop know-how in the following industrial applications:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning with and without immersion
  • Ultrasound-assisted machining (turning and drilling)
  • Ultrasonic blasting and hammering
  • Ultrasound-assisted plastics extrusion
  • Ultrasound-assisted EDM 

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